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Edser Labs provides an easy orthopodological prescription method specific to patient diagnosis, symptoms, dress and activities.


Our personalized Flopthotics are recommended in combination with the use of personalized orthoses in the daily and sports footwear.


Orthotics adaptable to sandals made with removable insoles.

3D Printing and AFOs

It allows a high level of customization by increasing or reducing the flexibility of the material in very specific areas.


The only designer sandals that are at the same time an orthopodological treatment, according to the podiatrist's instructions.

3D Printing

By using the latest 3D printing technology, we offer you a high quality and durable product, which allows you to provide special and sophisticated treatments to your patients. 


Our highly customizable 3D Printed AFOs help to control the position and motion of the ankle, compensate for weakness, or correct alignment problems. 


Orthotic treatment corrects the alignment of your feet and consequently that of your entire body requiring your skeletal structures to adjust. It’s normal to feel an uncomfortable feeling at the beginning. Adjustment to your new alignment can take anywhere from one week to two months.


Materiales con estilos funcionales utilizados normalmente para niños pero están disponibles para cualquier talla de pie.

UCBL: Un material funcional diseñado para un máximo control. Fabricado con
una cazoleta de 25-30 mm, lengüetas medias y laterales.

Gate plate: Un estilo diseñador para inducir la inversión o eversión del pie. Fabricada con una cazoleta de 15-20mm

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The only designer sandals that are at the same time an orthopodological treatment, according to the podiatrist’s instructions.


The skilled technicians at Edser Orthotic Labs custom mill the base of your FlopThotics to the corrected form of your foot. They then hand finish the components of the Prescription and adhere the sole, covering and strap.


Edser Orthotic Labs has partnered with reputable Naot footwear to bring an extensive line of sandals and clogs. Edser Labs fabricates a Custom Made Orthotic Footbed you can incorporate into your favorite pairs of Naot sandals. Our Custom Made Footbeds can be swapped between any Edser recommended styles or Naot footwear from the same collection.


Materiales de primera calidad en diferentes formatos: bobina, planchas, troqueles, y troqueles personalizados