our technology

Edser provides practitioners with an easy method to prescribe specific orthoses to the structure and pathology of the foot, considering the footwear and lifestyle of patients.

iScan 3D

  • Technology: Red light laser and digital camera
  • Precision: 0.5mm
  • Scan positions: Neutralized, Non-Weight Bearing.
  • Scanning of the feet, plaster molds and phenolic foams
  • Only for iOS
Precision 3D
scans in seconds

Built-in battery for
4 hours of 3D scanning

and portable

paw 3D

Paw 3D scanner uses laser technology, generating very high quality scans, in addition it comes with a camera to help detecting alignment problems on the patient. 

The quality of the images created by the Paw 3D scanner allows the practitioner to precisely prescript the best insoles for the patient.

sense scan 3d

Save time and money, avoid molds, foams and shipping costs and opt for our integral system in your clinic. Scan easily with both iScan 3D and Sense Scan 3D, the only podiatric tools, which due to their light weight and small dimensions, can be easily transported to visit different locations. Using the EdserScan and EdserAPP you can perform the diagnostics, the order and the follow-up of your patients

  • Technology: Red light laser and digital camera
  • Spatial x/y resolution: 0.9mm
  • Scan positions: Neutralized, Non-Weight Bearing, under load and semi-discharge
  • Scanning of the feet, plaster molds and phenolic foams
  • Only for Windows

edser plate

The development of our own pressure plate makes it possible to obtain static and dynamic pressure maps in high precision that at the same time allows an affordable price to our podiatrists clients


Edser Premium Services


Customized laser print for insoles


Customized marketing brochures and posters for your clinic. (digital)


SAT service for our software and premium updates

APP online

Easy access to online APP to create or manage your orders and patients